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Thank you to our Donors. Without your help we could not provide this glorious lunch

So Others May Eat

The cost for providing a hot nutritious meal for 150 to 200 Ancianos weekly is approximately $17’518.00 pesos. A variance comes into play for non-perishables purchased in bulk, so some weeks it may be $20’000.00 pesos and some weeks it may be $15’000.00 pesos. This works out to pretty close to $1’000.00 USD. Or $52’000.00 USD per year.

To offset this expense we are asking you to sponsor just a single food item,  if you can, for a year. But we would cheerily accept it for a single week! Please look at the list below and be as generous as you can. The Wednesday Luncheon is the largest, most nutritious meal of the week for these folks, and for many the highlight of their social activities for the week.

The only people that receive cash remittances are the loyal workers that muscle the tables in and out of storage, pick up and cook the food, wash the dishes, and the musicians that entertain our guests during their meal. As you can see this is a very small portion of the total budget.

There is no administrative cost for the program. 100% of your donation will be used to feed our guests. All administration costs are handled by the Lim family. With the help of some of the dedicated volunteers upon whom we depend so much, the Lim family also covers most of the cost of the food.  However, as the need- and the number of guests served- has increased each year, this has become more difficult.

 We, the volunteers that serve our guests every week, thank you all for your help to keep this valuable program going.

– Statement Prepared by Fred Collins, president of Rotary Club of San Miguel de Allende & regular volunteer of S.O.M.E. –