So Others May Eat Mexico A.C.
Since 1989

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Our Mission

We the volunteers at So Others May Eat strive to provide a hot nutritious meal in an attractive, fun, informative and respectful way to our elderly patrons of limited means.

The making of an extended family style dining experience with entertainment, a spiritual component, and lastly an informational talk about geriatric health concerns that are important to our guest.

Each week, SOME provides our guests with an extended family dining experience, entertainment, a spiritual component, and an informational talk about important geriatric health concerns. Burial assistance and health monitoring are also provided to this at-risk segment of the San Miguel population. To complete the experience there are gifts for all to mark important holidays, and each guest on his or her Birthday.

To that end, we are very proud to say that many of our guests consider the lunch on Wednesday to be the most important of their social activities for the week, and the volunteers of SOME to be part of an extended family.


Doña Carmen 87 años

"I have been coming to the Wednesday program for more than 15 years. Since then i live my life to the fullest, make the best of my time by talking to the young people and tell my life story for them to avoid situations that will make them feel sad or stressed. i am aware that the time I have left is growing shorter, i want to make the most out of it to regain the lost respect, family traditions, and values by the younger generation in my community"

Doña Cuca 89 años

I learned from the feeding program that I need to lead an active an healthy life, enrich by experience and learning. Every Wednesday I gain different approach overeome negative moods and more resilient to hearing criticism of my unworthiness which I have mastered to ignore. I am very happy in my life

Don Jesus 94 años

“The Wednesday program make me happy, healthy and spiritually fulfilled old man. I celebrate life in the depts of my soul. I got my inner peace from my circle of friends who live like me without being burdened by the expectations and ideas of others”